"Patrick is such an inspirational, dynamic and engaging speaker, I knew his motivation would change me forever.”

~ Cathy Gage (Nova Scotia, Canada)   

 “Patrick will have you hanging off his words, while he fills the air with stories of compassion and perseverance. Spending even 15 minutes with him will leave you feeling refreshed, energized, and most of all motivated.”

~ Janet Bosse 

Patrick Manifold is one of those rare speakers that has the powerful ability to truly inspire audiences from all walks of life with his stories of courage, and possibility. He has given speeches to diverse audiences all over the world, from business groups to large companies, and sports teams to universities. His message is simple, yet always inspiring; if he can overcome the supposedly insurmountable odds and achieve his dreams; so can you.

When asked about his speaking career Patrick said:
I tend to get very passionate when I am talking about things that mean a lot to me, and that passion is set on fire when I am on stage. There are not many feelings like standing in front of a crowd of hundreds and seeing every eyeball focused on you in complete silence. When I speak I am just myself, and I try to let people know that absolutely anything is possible in this world, you just have to work very hard and believe that it is possible for you.

It is Patrick’s passion that shines so brightly when he speaks that really draws audiences in. When he speaks of his triumphs over adversity, and the self-discipline it took him to get where he is today, the room seems to always fall silent and hang off every word.  Although the subject matter may vary from speech to speech and from group to group, one thing never changes; Patrick Manifold is always inspiring, and unapologetically passionate.

To hire Patrick for a speaking engagement, or for enquiries regarding Patrick’s availability, please email us at: manifoldmotivation@live.com or enter your contact information below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Keynote Speaker Patrick Manifold
Keynote Speaker Patrick Manifold

"The way Patrick delivers his story to an audience is very inspiring. To dream big and never give up on yourself is something some of us have a hard time to do. His keynote, makes anyone feel you are capable of whatever is it you desire, when taking action towards it. 


I’d recommended everyone to attend an event where Patrick is speaking for the inspiration and motivation to go after your biggest dreams."

~ Angèle Arseneault 

  "Thank you Patrick for sharing so many life changing strategies for success! I highly recommend  attending one of Patrick’s speaking events. It will change how you view your daily routine and life!”

~ Megan Enman 

 “I am so glad I had the chance to sit in on one of Patrick Manifold’s talks. Not only was it uplifting and inspiring, but it lit this little fire in me that I will be forever grateful for. He said “a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle” which instantly spoke to me as it costs nothing to spread kindness. Another moment that made an impression on me was when he said he wasn’t special... he is just a regular human being with a dream who was persistent, positive and never gave up. And then I thought - hey even I can do that! Maybe anything really is possible! I purchased one of his books called “Happy Today” and received a 90 day Action this Day journal which really sets you up for success. I left feeling positive and motivated and am happy to say I have been practicing the gratitude and things I learned that day in my every day life. I look forward to seeing quotes and social media posts and attending many more of Patrick’s events in the future!”

~ Kendall Rolfe (Moncton, Canada) 

“I have had the opportunity to meet Patrick Manifold in person and I truly knew the minute we met that he was a truly genuine soul. I also have purchased and read his books and Patrick is a talented author, you would do yourself a favour to make his books a part of your library.  I have also had the opportunity to listen to Patrick at a seminar, he is an amazing presenter, and will make you walk away wanting more. Patrick is such an inspirational, dynamic and engaging speaker, I knew his motivation would change me forever.”

~ Cathy Gage (Nova Scotia, Canada)

  “The thing that makes Patrick Manifold stand out amongst inspirational speakers, is that he is 100% genuine. I have followed his career for some time now, and as he has grown and progressed, he has continued to become a more pure version of himself. He is a true role model.”

~ Jibriallah B. (Bermuda)

 "The Municipality of the County of Cumberland, in partnership with the towns of Oxford and Amherst, have been hosting the Learn 2 Lead workshop series over the past few years throughout Cumberland County. The purpose of the Learn 2 Lead initiative is to provide leaders in our community with additional training. The workshops are for anyone who wants to develop themselves as a leader. This includes; volunteers, parents, coaches, youth, and leaders. When selecting facilitators for the workshops, we search to find unique, motivating and inspiring presenters from all over Atlantic Canada. When we heard that Patrick Manifold, award winning professional athlete, inspiring author, motivational speaker, and personal success coach, had moved to Cumberland County, we had to inquire.

Patrick Manifold is highly motivating, action oriented, and a positive speaker. We felt very fortunate to host him on stage at our March Lunch and Learn, held at the C.U.B.I.C in Amherst. His Taking Action This Day presentation, left the audience ready to set and attain their goals, stay accountable and believe in themselves. Patrick was an absolute pleasure to work with, and we hope to see more of his inspiration in Cumberland County."

~ Learn 2 Lead Committee

“On February 1st 2019 I had the privilege of meeting Patrick Manifold. My son and myself were invited to an event that he was speaking at! I had never met Patrick prior to this event but left feeling like I have known him forever. Listening to him speak truly touched my soul and has forever changed me. 

You cannot help but feel inspired and driven to want to do better after listening to Patrick, he speaks from his heart and it will touch your soul. He is relatable, he is someone who has set goals and did whatever it took to make those goals achievable. We could all learn so much from Patrick.


After the event I purchased several of his books for my children. My sons have used his advice and have applied it to their daily lives bettering themselves and those around them. 

I feel very fortunate to have met Patrick and honoured to have heard his story!”

~ Jennifer Kouwenberg (Oxford, Nova Scotia)

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