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Patrick Manifold has written four personal development books  - three for adults and one for children - with the ambition to equip his readers with the inspiration, skills and tools necessary to change their lives for the better.

Patrick's books are Change Your Life,  New Year New You,  Happy Today,  Be All You Can Be, and his productivity journal  Action This Day.

The common theme throughout Patrick’s life is his ability to turn his dreams into reality, regardless of the seemingly overwhelming odds. Where there is a will there is undoubtedly a way, and Patrick has proven that time and time again.

Going from a small seaside town in England, to achieving his childhood dreams of moving to America to play college basketball and then traveling the world as a professional athlete, Patrick’s life is a perfect example that with hard work, dedication and perseverance anything is possible; and that is exactly the inspiring message that fills the pages of his books.

Patrick has lived in seven different countries on three continents throughout his life, and his diverse life experiences has enabled him to gain a unique understanding of what really drives human beings to do what they do. He translates that knowledge into easy to read books written to motivate, educate, and inspire individuals all around the world to fulfill their own potential.

When asked about his writing career and what motivates him to put pen to paper, Patrick said: “Quite simply , I write because I feel like I have to. Throughout my  journey I have learned so many lessons about life, and what it takes to be  happy and successful, that I feel a real obligation to pass that information on to those like me who are seeking it. I have learned so much from reading books written by great people that I feel the need to give back, and share my hard earned knowledge with the world. I have a sincere passion for helping people to achieve their goals and dreams in life, and I feel an immense amount of joy knowing that I am making at least a small positive difference in the world.  I am so grateful for all of the wonderful things that have happened in my life so far, and I want people all over the world to benefit from the simple message that permeates every page of my books; that truly ANYTHING is possible.” 

In Manifold’s inspiring books he uses examples and stories from his life to help his readers overcome their own obstacles, and teaches them the life skills needed to achieve happiness and fulfillment, and start living the life they have always desired.

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- Change Your Life

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- Happy Today

- Be All You Can Be

- Action This Day

“I have read Patrick Manifold’s book ‘Change Your Life’ 12 times, because every time I read it I take something different away from it. No matter how big or small, anything from making lists for the week month or year, to habits of which have changed and shaped the way I am now. I cannot recommend this book enough.”

~ Jesse Bell (Kings Lynn, UK)


“After hearing Patrick speak with such passion and genuineness at the Be Better event in February 2019, I was immediately drawn to purchase his book “New Year, New You: How to Make This The Best Year of Your Life”. It was the first book I read in 2019 and I finished it within a week. It was such a smooth and uplifting read with so much content that touched my inner soul - prompting me to change my views and strategies for 2019 immediately.

Implementing all of these success strategies has transformed my morning routines completely and has provided me with a renewed motivation to pursue and achieve more personal development and success. I put Patrick’s words into action promptly and it has made all the difference!


Thank you Patrick for sharing so many life changing strategies for success! I highly recommend this book along with attending one of Patrick’s speaking events. It will change how you view your daily routine and life!”

~ Megan Enman (New Brunswick, Canada)