“Manifold is full of wisdom. This book is inspiring, motivational and easy to read. Manifold lays out the secrets of self-discipline with his 8 elements to achieving success. If you want to achieve success and your potential, this book is vital reading."

~ Bruno LoGreco, Master Life Coach & Author 

Change Your Life: Learn The Secrets of Self-Discipline by Patrick Manifold

Change Your Life


CHANGE YOUR LIFE: Learn The Secrets of Self-Discipline was Patrick’s first book, and is centered around the simple thesis that without self-discipline, nothing great can ever be accomplished. It was Patrick’s ability to get himself to do the things he needed to do - rather than what he wanted to do - that allowed him to achieve his apparently “unattainable” dreams in life.

One of the biggest mysteries of human existence is the unexplained space between what we know and what we actually do. The world is full of people who can tell us exactly how to be successful, all we have to do is follow in their proven footsteps and we will eventually arrive at the destination we have dreamed of.

If that is the case, and we all have access to the knowledge it takes to be successful, then why isn’t every man and woman on earth rich, healthy, successful and happy? The simple answer is a lack of self-discipline. Knowledge alone is not power, but applied knowledge is.

This book will give you the insights and tools necessary to put all the knowledge you are learning to good use so you can finally break free from the shackles of procrastination, self-doubt and fear of failure.

The greatest gift you will ever give yourself is the power of self-discipline, because in every way possible, it will set you free, and ultimately CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

“I have read Patrick Manifold’s book ‘Change Your Life’ 12 times, because every time I read it I take something different away from it. No matter how big or small, anything from making lists for the week month or year, to habits of which have changed and shaped the way I am now. I cannot recommend this book enough.”

~ Jesse Bell (Kings Lynn, UK)

CHANGE YOUR LIFE is available in both paperback and Kindle formats WORLDWIDE via Amazon.