Happy Today: 50 Ideas To Help You Become A Happier Person by Patrick Manifold

Happy Today

HAPPY TODAY was written as a pocket ‘How To’ guide to experiencing more happiness on a daily basis.

So many of us think that happiness is some sort of reward; we will be happy ‘when’ or we will allow ourselves to be happy ‘if’.  But what If that is not the case?

This book will dispel the myth that happiness can only be achieved ‘when’ and ‘if’ by empowering its readers with the knowledge needed to understand that when it comes to your own emotions -happiness in particular- YOU are in fact the most powerful person in the Universe.

Inside you will find 50 inspiring, uplifting, and easy ways to create feelings of happiness within yourself whenever you decide to. This book will act as a playbook giving you an abundance of different ways to manifest the amazing feeling of happiness in an instant, so that you can live life to the fullest, and make being 'Happy Today'  a big part of your daily routine.

HAPPY TODAY is available in both paperback and Kindle formats WORLDWIDE via Amazon.