Patrick Manifold The Coach

Leader, Coach & Friend

For many years now, Patrick Manifold has been sharing his thoughts, ideas, philosophy on life, and all his favourite quotes with the world through his social media accounts.

It started as an outlet for his passion for helping people, and his willingness to share what he had learned with others so that they could find their own versions of happiness and success as he had. Patrick always says that a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle, and for the past decade Patrick has been lighting candles all over the world.

Patrick now has thousands of loyal readers and fans of his work literally all over the world, from not only the seven countries he has called home at some point in his life, but from many more he has never even visited, such as China, India, Iran, Lebanon, New Zealand and Malaysia.

Below are just a few testimonials from Patrick’s amazing followers, who wanted to express their feelings about the impact he has made on them through his work, which he is proud to say has exceeded even his own expectations.

You can follow Patrick on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or Pinterest just by searching "Patrick Manifold" in the search, or click one of the links below to be taken directly to his always inspiring accounts:

Patrick Manifold has thousands of loyal followers all around the world.
Patrick Manifold has thousands of loyal followers all around the world.

"I wasn't using any of my creative talents when I met Patrick. But you can't be around Patrick very long before you start getting excited about life and all your potential!!"

~ Past Coaching Client (Melbourne, Australia)

“I’ve been following Patrick for a while now, I’ve listened and downloaded his podcasts, I’ve listened to his songs, and I’m a huge fan of his social media content and I can’t wait to see what the future brings for him. Besides being positive, inspirational and supportive, what I like most is how real Patrick is. Everything he shares or posts always comes from a place which is genuine and a real part of who he is. Whatever message he is trying to share, he isn’t saying it for the sake of saying it for likes, he says it      because it’s something he believes whole heartedly and has gone through himself. On a fun side note, you’ll be surprised just how spot on and how much you needed to hear what Patrick had to say, the timing is always uncanny and soothingly perfect.”

~ Holly Nelson (Halifax, Canada)

“Patrick is the most positive and constructive person I have ever come in contact with. He genuinely cares about people and encouraging them to live their best life. Even though we have never met in person, I feel like we are good friends, because that’s how he makes you feel. He takes time to reach out and lend a hand if you’re struggling in life or just lift your spirits if you’re down. He’s a big guy with the biggest heart.”

~ Jennifer Penny (Ontario, Canada)

“I have had the opportunity to meet Patrick Manifold in person and I truly knew the minute we met that he was a truly genuine soul. I also have purchased and read his books and Patrick is a talented author, you would do yourself a favour to make his books a part of your library.  I have also had the opportunity to listen to Patrick at a seminar, he is an amazing presenter, and will make you walk away wanting more. Patrick is such an inspirational, dynamic and engaging speaker, I knew his motivation would change me forever.”

~ Cathy Gage (Nova Scotia, Canada)

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Expert Personal Development & Success Coach, Patrick Manifold
Expert Personal Development & Success Coach, Patrick Manifold

 “Patrick it's a blessing having the honour of following you on social media - your daily inspirational words feed me with encouragement and positive thoughts- you are truly a wonderful man whose heart is genuine in helping so many people - there can be many people going through different scenarios in life whether it's a break up, a death or an illness but reading your daily posts brings so much comfort in healing - they say the universe brings special people in our lives for a reason and you are one of them!! You heal so many with your words of wisdom - thank you for being YOU!! Thank you for your teachings - you might not know it but it helps so many of us! Keep up your great work, you are helping so many people - your words touch our soul and help us daily.”

~ Rita Zappa (Chicago, USA)  

“Patrick is a great inspiration to both adults and children. I shared his book with the children in my class, they enjoyed the poems in his book and have adopted him as their big brother. I have been following Patrick for about a year now; he is a very influential, down to earth and big-hearted person. His positivity is so contagious. His motivational quotes are so relatable and relevant. We need more Patrick’s in this world.”

~ Parveen Veran (Auckland, New Zealand)

 "Your content always inspires me!! It always reminds me to follow my dreams without any fear!!”

~ Swati Y. (India)

"Dear Patrick, You inspired me through your affirmations and your posts. It reminds me to be positive whenever things aren’t going well. I think what you are doing right now a what you have been doing all this while is a great thing. I am glad and grateful to have come across your path and get to know you. Thank you for inspiring me. I am always looking forward to reading up your posts. Thank you Patrick. The most important thing you made me realise is that to NEVER give up in what you believe and to stick to it as long as it takes no matter what and you will succeed.”

~ Janice Oon (Penang, Malaysia)

“Patrick has had an incredible impact on my life. His content is relatable and uplifting. In fact, it was through following Patrick and all of his motivational words, that I found the courage to step out of my comfort zone and start getting serious about what I wanted from life. Thank you Patrick for spreading your light!”

~ Kimberly Smith (Houston, Texas, USA)

  “You are a northern star to everyone who has contact with you, so to me too. I love your content and you always have something fresh and new to share and you’re always so humble about. It’s like you have a heart of a Saint. We could easily call you Saint Patrick. You have a heart of gold. Golden as your love for the world and everything in it. You really deserve the best brother. I hope to see you flourishing and fruitful and your inspiration always inspires others as well as me. I feel I know you even though I haven’t met you and that’s because you are an open book. Thanks for your wonderful blessed example for everyone in this world.”

~ Aboud Achdji (Copenhagen, Denmark)

“The kind positive energy that exudes from Patrick Manifold is incredible. His messages of positivity and encouragement are always empowering to the reader and listener. I was so impressed that even when he was a professional athlete, he took all of this time to spread love, encouragement, and positively empower his followers. When Patrick speaks or writes it’s as if he is speaking to you directly on a private basis, it’s that magnetic. Following Patrick Manifold is one of the best things one can do for a daily dose of positivity, empowerment, and encouragement. I’m grateful to have found him on Instagram and I’m looking forward to seeing his beautiful soul touch many more lives in the future.”

~ Roslyn Y. (Santa Monica, USA)

“Reading Patrick Manifold’s posts over the past 2 years, has completely transformed the way I approach life. Not only is he motivational, but he is truly inspirational! On days when I struggle to believe in my abilities, or simply need a “pick-me-up”, I look to him for guidance. He believes in his followers even when they may not believe in themselves, and his dedication to them is admirable. Patrick’s positive attitude is contagious, his support of local youth is enthusiastic, and his appreciation for life (and all of its experiences) is so incredibly refreshing!! His quotes are a daily reminder, of just how amazing I can be as a woman and as a human being!! Patrick Manifold exemplifies what it is to be an inspiration to everyone.”

~ Tracey Mundle (New Brunswick, Canada)

  “I think Patrick Manifold is a truly inspiring young man with a heart of gold and has helped many people who have maybe lost their way a little. I for one am so glad I started to follow him. I'm so thankful for his kind words and a gentle push in the right direction.”

~ Sandra S. (Manchester, England)

“I’ve been following Patrick Manifold for a while, and his Instagram account is one of my favorites! The content he posts is not only inspiring but also extremely insightful. Patrick really takes the time to get to know his followers and he is very encouraging. His content has supported me on my journey to change careers and do something that I love, learn from my mistakes and be the best version of myself that I can be.”

~ Deborah Grossman (NYC, USA)

  “Patrick gives beautiful advice, I do love his page.”

~ Jenny J. (Hawaii)

“Patrick Manifold's work inspires me every single day in the pursuit of my projects. There are days where I have been in doubt and his posts have made a difference for me. I think he has created a great community of positive and proactive people. Glad to be a part of it.”

~ Norkka Mirella (Peru)

 “Patrick Manifold is an amazing person! He cares so much about the world and everyone in it. He      takes the time to truly get to know his followers and for that I thank him. Patrick's words have gotten me through the toughest times in my life. Keep up the good work!”

~ Allison Davis (North Carolina, USA) 

“I found Patrick on Instagram almost two years ago. In this time reading his insightful words has brought great joy to my life. His wisdom, his constant outreach to his community at large are benchmarks of a man of great vision and compassion. I look forward to seeing his continued journey and what comes next.”

~ Robyn C. (Texas, USA)

 “I started following Patrick awhile back. What made me notice is his positive outlook on life. On my own personal journey, I needed the inspiration and affirmations that he keeps posting. They have helped me in so many ways. When I am feeling down on myself, I can count on Patrick’s posts to be uplifting and thoughtful. It gets my brain to thinking more on the positive and less on the negative. Thank you Patrick, for helping & mentoring me by being the kind person that you are; Kind, Friendly and very caring. God Bless.”

~ Gay Nyberg (York, USA)

“Thank you for being such a positive person! You are an inspiration for everyone!!! You make people smile and the world needs so many more people like you. You make the world a bit brighter!”

~ Vilma S. (Lithuania)

 “We come in contact with so many people on social media that it sometimes becomes difficult to      distinguish between the trash and the real deal. After knowing Patrick online for an extended period of time and many personal conversations, I can honestly stand behind him. I can tell you that he is a man of high moral convictions and of excellent character. A kind heart, a loving partner and father and a man that truly cares about others. When Patrick asks you how you are doing, he truly wants to know the answer. I am honored to be his friend."

~ Leah Davis (Washington, USA)

“Patrick Manifold has truly inspired me to be a better person. I am so very happy to have met him. You are an inspiration! Thank you so much Patrick.”

~ Maria L. (USA)

“During a time in my life when I’d have to wake every morning and give myself a pep talk to make my day as positive as I can was a struggle but I did it. Finding Patrick Manifold’s page gave me that much more of the encouragement I needed. In the morning, mid day or at bedtime while I scrolled through my IG and would come across his posts, they helped keep me going. One period when I felt defeated he had a post I came across and it made me emotional, but it was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you for being you Patrick.”

~ Chenee Monique (California, USA)

“I was surprised and amazed at the amount of wisdom Patrick Manifold puts forth into the world that helps those of all ages. He is not only a wonderful person but a shining light and top motivator. A truly authentic human being.”

~ Rose R. (New York, USA)

“Patrick is a very inspirational figure. It’s a pleasure to wake up and see inspiring quotes that help me to refocus on goals and the best life I want to live. I appreciate all his hard work.”

~ Keva Williams (Cambodia)

“I genuinely admire Patrick Manifold for consistently bringing positive values about life and how we are able to lead a much fulfilled existence in this ever changing world. His works are one of the best things to see in social media and has also truly inspired me.”

~ Mchell M. (Thailand)

“Omg Patrick Manifold had a huge impact on me, you won’t believe how much he helped me with his      quotes and everything. He motivated me on my way to the best part of my life. I never had the chance to tell him - thank you so so much Patrick!”

~ Raynab Dullah (Lebanon)

“Your messages are very uplifting and very positive and always make people feel good about themselves and their lives. You are the Sunshine in our lives no matter what we are going through. I want to Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your comforting wisdom and words!”

~ Patrica Johnson (New Brunswick, Canada)

“Patrick Manifold is a positive energy force; he's taken time out of his day to listen to me vent and provided positive feedback (Thank you). In this day and age, it's hard to find people who genuinely care for another, but Patrick is an exception, thereby restoring my faith in humanity. Bless you, Patrick.”

~ Kesha (USA)

“Patrick Manifold has a way of making you realize your potential and not give up on your dreams or goals in life. What's even cooler is, he's super down to earth! I highly recommend you follow him. You won't be disappointed!”

~ Tonnie Corado (Washington, USA)

“I am extremely grateful to you Patrick Manifold. Since I have started following you your messages had a great impact on my development. It motivated me in many ways. But this isn’t what makes me write those words to you. You are not only a speaker or motivator... you are a real friend. I remember when I started my journey... I was looking for people not only to motivate me but to support. My question to everyone was if they can follow me and support my page. No one of those influencers even read my message. But you Patrick was the only one who said to me yes! You’re a great friend and not just a great friend, but a great mentor. Thank you very much Patrick.”

~ Soul F. (Iraq)

“Patrick Manifold is such a kind and humble person. Even though he was so busy he took the time to chat with me and give me advice. I will always be grateful for you and cherish our friendship. Thank you.”

~ Ligia C. (USA)

“Since following Patrick I have found him to be such a motivational ingredient in my life. He stimulates others to learn from positive thoughts and behaviors. Patrick is a delight to communicate with, always responding immediately and personally. I consider myself fortunate to have met him.”

~ Meredith Smith (Maryland, USA)

“I came across Patrick's platform about a year ago and began following him because of his uplifting messages. He is a positive role model and his content has inspired me to continue to pursue my goals. He truly wants good things for others, and I encourage others to give him a follow.”

~ Alice Moore (Louisiana, USA)

“Patrick Manifold is not only a wonderful role model, he's the real deal - authentic and truly passionate about the work he's doing to motivate and inspire others!"

~ Natalie Jones (Every Body Beautiful, UK/USA)

“I was dealing with the loss of few family members and Mr. Manifold shared some beautiful, encouraging and powerful words with me. Just sharing compassion and lending an ear of listening helped me when I needed someone to share my grief with. I am honored to know Mr. Manifold and all the positive influence he shares. Thank you Mr. Manifold.”

~ Sara L. (USA)

"Patrick is a true gentleman; he is inspiring in the way he loves his fiancée and baby. He is level headed, kind, honest and he has integrity. Above all else he is not afraid to step up and step out of the box to live an authentic life!”

~ Esther Lacavou (USA)

“Patrick Manifold’s positivity and light shines in everything that he does, and his passion for people is absolutely inspiring. He never misses an opportunity to encourage and enlighten others, and his grateful spirit is positively contagious! I am inspired DAILY by his attitude of gratitude, and that is reflected in every aspect of my life as I try to share the same energetic kindness with others. It costs nothing to be a good human, but it means EVERYTHING, and Patrick, you are one of the very best! I am so very grateful for you!”

~ Stefanie L. (Cincinnati, USA)

“This wonderful man has been an inspiration to me!!! His heart and the way he cares about people has really moved me... He has had the kindest words for me in times I have needed them most... I am so grateful for your presence in this world... We need more humans like you Patrick... Thank you, thank you so much for all these years seeing light in people.”

~ Jazz Santos (Mexico)

“I always find you're quotes thought provoking, with the ability to question my own mind and life that I am leading. Very Inspirational... keep up the good work!”

~ Lorraine Jones (Shrewsbury, UK)

“Thank you Patrick Manifold, I appreciate you for all your support! You have inspired me more than you know. You are an inspiration to us all, and an amazing man!”

~ Debbie Hubbs (USA)