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Patrick Manifold is an inspiring author, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, former award-winning professional athlete, and coach to thousands around the globe.

Patrick’s passions have taken him all over the world, and in the last ten years alone he has lived in seven countries on three different continents; England, Canada, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Australia, and the United States of America.

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“I was surprised and amazed at the amount of wisdom Patrick Manifold puts forth into the world that helps those of all ages. He is not only a wonderful person but a shining light and top motivator. A truly authentic human being.” ~ Rose R. (New York, USA)


Patrick The Author

Patrick Manifold's books are more than just words on a page, they are an instant injection of empowerment, wisdom and hope, directly into the lives of every single person who reads them.

Patrick has written four personal developments books; three for adults and one for children. They are 'Change Your Life', 'New Year New You', 'Happy Today', and 'Be All You Can Be'. He also curated a 90-day productivity journal called 'Action This Day'. All of his books are available worldwide via Amazon.

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Patrick The Speaker

It is impossible to hear Patrick Manifold speak and not be inspired. Over ten-thousand people have heard Patrick's message of positivity and possibility, and because of his powerful delivery, he has been able to make a measurable impact on every single audience he's had the honour to stand in front of.

Patrick will have you hanging off his words, while he fills the air with stories of compassion and perseverance. Spending even 15 minutes with him will leave you feeling refreshed, energized and most of all motivated.”
~ Janet Bosse

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Patrick The Coach

Helping people is one of Patrick Manifold's greatest passions in life. While on his own personal pursuit of excellence, he has been sharing his wisdom and knowledge on his social media accounts, where he has amassed thousands and thousands of loyal and supportive followers from every corner of the globe.

In the last few years, Manifold has also been coaching clients from around the world one-on-one through his personal development coaching packages, that are designed specifically to take his clients experience of life to the highest level they are capable of. 

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Patrick The Entrepreneur

Patrick Manifold is the owner of Nova Social Media & Marketing,  a modern media company that specializes in Social Media Management, Video Production, Photography, Content Creation,  Branding & Digital Marketing for businesses & brands in and around Nova Scotia. 

Patrick is also the founder of Manifold Motivation,  a full-service personal development company offering personal success coaching, motivational and keynote speeches, as well as personal development books and seminars to individuals and companies all over the world who are looking to make positive changes in their lives and businesses.

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Patrick The Athlete

Patrick Manifold is a former award-winning professional athlete who played professionally all over the world. Manifold played and coached the game he loves in the USA, Scotland,

England, Australia, Germany & Italy.

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Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

Are you looking for a speaker for your next event? Patrick Manifold specializes in talks based around motivation, inspiration, leadership, team work, and personal development, which are perfect for organizations and public events.

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Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

Are you looking to take your business or personal life to the next level? Patrick Manifold can help you to create a strategy to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. If you are looking for a highly motivational, no excuses, solution oriented coach in your corner, then contact us today at for availability.



Keynote Speaking


Whether your audience wants to become more productive, work better as a team, chase their dreams or set new goals, Patrick Manifold is the man who can inspire them to take action today, and create a positive mindset to  create a better tomorrow for themselves and your company. Contact to enquire about availability.

Who Is Patrick Manifold?

Patrick's Story

Patrick Manifold is an inspiring author, keynote speaker, coach to thousands, a multi-entrepreneur, and a retired award-winning professional athlete.

Patrick’s passions have taken him all over the world, and in the last ten years alone he has lived in seven countries on three different continents; England, Canada, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Australia, and the United States of America.

Originally from the small seaside town of Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, England, Patrick started playing basketball at the late age of thirteen after being inspired by then man of the moment, Michael Jordan. It was then that Patrick’s childhood dream was born; he decided he wanted to follow in Jordan’s footsteps and play basketball at university in America, and then go on to play professionally.

These were big dreams for a young boy in a small town, especially in a country where basketball was not even a televised sport or even played in the majority of schools. But even at a young age, Patrick was determined to make his dreams come true, despite those around him saying he was crazy, that it was impossible, and the odds were one in a million.

Fast forward a few years and Patrick had risen to the top of the amateur ranks of basketball in the United Kingdom. After a successful season in the top national league in the country, Patrick made the decision to turn his childhood dream into his adult reality and relentlessly pursued his American dream, until finally – after years of hard work, dedication, many knock-backs and heart-breaking no’s –  his dream finally came true.

In August of 2009, despite not knowing a single soul in the United States of America, Patrick flew over the Atlantic Ocean for the very first time, from London, England to Presque Isle, Maine to begin his new life. He began his career at the University of Maine at Presque Isle in the U.S.A. and despite the obvious challenges of moving to a new country all alone, it didn’t take Patrick long to find his feet.

He juggled a full-time course load with a part-time job in the campus fitness center, daily team practices, grueling individual workouts, and all while traveling across the East Coast of America to play intercollegiate basketball. Despite these apparent obstacles to success, Patrick vowed to keep the promise he had made to himself and his family; that he would do everything he could to be the best he could be, on and off the basketball court.

Between 2009 and 2013 Patrick had an extremely successful college career, both academically and athletically. In the classroom Patrick quickly became a ‘straight-A’ student with a long list of awards to his name, and many accolades for his academic achievements. Most notably perhaps, being named an ‘Academic All-American’ as well as a four-time inductee into the ‘Who’s Who of Students in American Colleges & Universities’, and ‘Most Outstanding Achievement’ in the field of business.

Patrick shone on the basketball court too and became the star and captain of the varsity basketball team. Despite being an Englishman playing in the home country of basketball, he still found a way to lead his team in scoring, rebounds, and blocks and became an ‘All-American’ athlete, as well as being named ‘National Player of The Year’ by the NCAA III Independents. Patrick finished his U.S. college career with 1,351 points; enough to position him in the top 3 all time scorers in the institutions 100+ year history.

On May 18th, 2013 Patrick graduated ‘summa cum laude’ (with highest honours) with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Patrick finished his four-year academic career with an outstanding GPA of 3.95 on a 4.0 scale. It was then that he set his sights on achieving his ultimate goal of becoming a professional basketball player.

Despite the overwhelming odds, Patrick’s second childhood dream became a reality in August of 2013 when after signing with well renowned sports agent Jim Naughton, Patrick signed his first professional basketball contract to play for the Glasgow Rocks in Scotland. Proving that no matter how far fetched a goal or dream may be, with hard work, dedication, commitment, sacrifice, discipline and self-belief, that truly anything is possible.

It was at the same time that Patrick founded his first company ‘Manifold Motivation’, now a full-service business dedicated to helping people to achieve their own ambitions and dreams in life. The business revolves around Patrick’s blossoming motivational speaking career, personal success coaching, and the online community he has built. (Check out for more information).

As if turning professional in basketball and starting his first business wasn’t enough, Patrick also found time to write his first book entitled ‘Change Your Life: Learn The Secrets of Self-Discipline’ in August of 2013, after realizing that all of his personal success up to that point in his life stemmed from his ability to discipline himself to do the things he had to do even when he didn’t feel like doing them. He wanted to help others to master this same life skill, so they too could achieve whatever it is they desired in their own lives, and his books are the fruits of that labour.

Over the next few years Patrick played professionally in Scotland with the Glasgow Rocks and in England with Surrey United, while learning the ropes of the professional game and mastering his skills and ability. When Patrick wasn’t at team practices, public appearances or working out in the gym, he found time to write his second book ‘New Year New You: How To Make This The Best Year of Your Life’ which is a blueprint for setting and achieving your goals in the upcoming year, the same blueprint Patrick uses himself to achieve his own goals.

In early 2015 Patrick took all that he had learned on his journey with him to the other side of the world when he moved to Melbourne, Australia to play the game he loves. The move was a great success as Patrick led the entire league in scoring and became an All-Star while averaging a double-double on the season with 25.3 points per game and 11.5 rebounds per game. As well as playing basketball, and appearing in a movie filmed in Melbourne (see Spirit of The Game) Patrick also had the opportunity to teach basketball to thousands of children in Australia, doing personal visits to schools and sharing his passion with the kids at both the elite youth level, and coaching Special Olympics teams of all ages.

In the past decade alone, Patrick has not only taught the game of basketball, but has also promoted the benefits of exercise and the importance of a healthy diet in person to over 15,000 children all across the world and was completely humbled to sign almost that many autographs along the way.

Changing pace – and continents – again, Patrick played pro ball in Germany (around an hour from Berlin) during the 2016/2017 season, and somehow found time between travel and training to write his third book ‘Happy Today: 50 Ideas To Help You Become A Happier Person’.

The very next year, Patrick spent the 2017/2018 campaign playing professionally in Italy (about 45 minutes from Milan) and completely fell in love with the Italian culture and beautiful surroundings; not to mention the delicious coffee, incredible food and amazing wine. Patrick even found time to learn “un po” (a little) of the language, and write his fourth book – a personal development book for children – called: ‘Be All You Can Be: The Cool Kids Guide To Success In School & Life’.

After leaving bellissima Italia, Patrick and his fiancée Chelsea were now expecting their first child, and at this point – after amazing experiences playing professionally all over the world – Patrick decided to retire from the sport, start a new business, and a new chapter of his life with his growing family in Nova Scotia, Canada, where he is now a permanent resident.

In 2018, Patrick was awarded 'Graduate of The Last Decade' by his Alma mater, which was a huge honour, and a very proud day for him and his family.

Patrick is now the owner of Nova Social, a modern digital marketing company that specializes in social media, video production and content creation for businesses in and around the stunning province that he now calls home. Patrick’s daughter Sophia was born in January of 2019, and he has become – as he says – “the proudest father in the world”.

In late 2018 before his full-time job of nappy-changer and Ed Sheeran impersonator began, Patrick released ‘Action This Day: An Inspiring 90-ay Productivity & Accountability Journal’ that he had curated to help his readers achieve their goals much faster.

Throughout Patrick’s journey of chasing and catching his dreams across the globe, he was able to find a passion that lights him on fire just as much as basketball did; public speaking. Patrick has had the privilege to speak to and inspire tens of thousands of people from all walks of life with his powerful message of positivity, possibility, and his grand vision of a better future for us all.

Over the years Patrick has been sharing not only his experiences, but also his lessons learned and philosophy on life with the world through social media, and has amassed quite a large following of loyal readers and fans on social media.

If you would like to follow Patrick on his journey and be inspired by his uplifting content, the best place to do so is on social media. You can follow him on your favourite social platform here:

Instagram: @PatrickManifold

Facebook: @PatrickManifold

Twitter: @PatrickManifold

YouTube: /PatrickManifold

LinkedIn: @PatrickManifold

Pinterest: @PatrickManifold

Keynote Speaker Patrick Manifold

Keynote Speaker Patrick Manifold


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