Patrick Manifold The Entrepreneur

Nova Social Media & Marketing

Nova Social Media & Marketing is a modern media company that specializes in social media optimization & automation, content creation (photography & video production), brand strategy and digital advertising. Nova Social was founded by Patrick Manifold out of a desire to help businesses & brands in his new home of Nova Scotia to reach their full potential for success.

Patrick graduated with highest honours with a degree in business management from an American university, and then spent the next five years as a professional athlete, traveling and playing basketball all over the world.

As well as being a professional athlete, Patrick has also written four personal development books, is a sought after public speaker, and is followed on social media by thousands of people all over the world who are inspired by his message of positivity and possibility.

It was Patrick's passion for psychology and human behaviour that first sparked his interest in marketing, and that coupled with his creative and solution based mindset became the catalysts for starting Nova Social.

Patrick said "I started Nova Social because I wanted to help local businesses - big and small - to get their message out there.  Hard working and passionate business owners are too busy running their company to be able to give the essential component of marketing the attention it requires, and I wanted to help fill that void."

"Perhaps because of my unique life experiences, I do things a little differently than most; but at my core I believe that when it comes to marketing, brand awareness and loyalty are the key ROI's. I always try to capture both in a way that makes customers feel both valued and appreciated, because it is both the right thing to do, and also because the long-term effects of these efforts have a positive compounding result for our clients companies."

Patrick is now a permanent resident of Canada, and lives in Nova Scotia with his partner Chelsea, and their daughter Sophia.

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Manifold Motivation

Manifold Motivation is a full-service personal development company offering personal success coaching, motivational and keynote speeches, as well as personal development books and seminars to individuals and companies all over the world who are looking to make positive changes in their lives and businesses.

As well as offering these life changing products and services, Manifold Motivation also has a large online community of passionate and ambitious followers nicknamed “Manifold Motivation Nation” which is spread across the major social media platforms and is growing by the day. On these platforms the team behind Manifold Motivation posts daily motivational, inspirational, and educational content and positive news stories from around the world, while engaging and helping those within our circle of influence to make a positive impact on their communities, and to grow personally and professionally.

The company was founded by award-winning professional athlete, motivational speaker, inspirational author and personal success coach, Patrick Manifold, with the aspirations to positively impact the world one person at a time through motivation, education, and inspiration. For more information on on this company, please visit or email